Go-To-Market Strategy

A Million Dollars Worth of Tech Bacon

Going to market for tech firms is like piecing together a puzzle when you don’t have all the pieces. If you don’t know who your buyers are, and how you should be offering products that solve their problems, you may actually hurt your ability to achieve your goals by rushing things to market.

We brought our secret sauce for going to market, filled their pipeline super fast, and helped them alleviate their headaches around how to tell the story of their powerful offering.

  • Every marketing company known to man understands the importance of having target personas. Here at Forrest, we take it 10 layers deeper and do the work needed to really get to know your target buyers. We built ITS a framework that enabled them to tell the story of their offering in a way that spoke to the needs of every single decision making buyer. No one does this but Forrest and it’s the foundation for everything else we build.

  • In order to go to market with impact and take back the market share that’s rightfully yours, you have to stand out. We analyzed what all of ITS competitors were offering and designed them a visual expression for their offering that REALLY popped.

  • Once we were able to come up with some ideas for their offering that stood out, we built a visual language for the offering (HAMx). Think of this like a mini style guide nested under the parent brand that’s specifically built for an offering or product. We did this so that people shopping for similar offerings would land on HAMx and have an experience unlike any competitor offerings.

  • We built a robust nurture and sales funnel that drove real leads right into ITS’s pipeline. We can’t share how that works here…but if you’re interested let us know and we can help you build a funnel that actually converts too. Doing this for ITS was monumental in helping their target audience find and connect with HAMx.

  • A robust landing page, webinar deck, social media designs….you name it. We created it all for ITS so they could get the absolute most out of their G2M launch. We created a robust library of assets for their sales and marketing teams which empowered them to have ammo to communicate the right story, and close deals that came in.

Forrest’s go-to-market plan helped us get over a million dollars in pipeline in less than 3 months!”

Marketing Executive
ITS Partners

The Result

We built a beautiful offering expression for HAMx that was uniquely tethered to their parent brand.

Messaging that sticks!

Turn your ITAM chaos into bottom line impact.

Great marketing is memorable and repeatable. Great marketing also invites your buyers into a narrative of transformation. This means that your headlines, tag lines, and the promises you make with your words need to do JUST that. We crafted this headline for HAMx that speaks to the real desire of the buyers they were building the offering for.

A B2B tech landing page that converts

We also built a really great, high-converting landing page that follows the narrative framework we built for their offering.

The site/landing page is live and you can
see it here.

HAMX put bacon on the table—literally.

We helped them fill their pipeline in record time with over $1 Million in legit leads (and growing). We did it by sticking to what we believe – that putting humans at the center of any tech offering is where real sales come from.

Wanna see how it works?

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