A Rebrand
for TN’s Best Insurance Group

What We Did

  • We dove deep to reimagine IGA’s internal brand. Informed by insights from over 30 interviews with clients, employees and key stakeholders, we developed a powerful brand story, brand language, mission, vision, values, and tagline to anchor their business to their internal DNA.

  • We created a powerful visual identity for IGA that helped them stand out from the competition, while also staying true to the unique attributes of their brand. Everything was brought to life with fonts, colors, photography styles, patterns, and logo variations.

  • We created an actionable brand and marketing playbook for their team to implement right away to start seeing the impact of their rebrand. Social media, email, and content strategy were all part of the robust plan that we put together.

  • We worked with an incredibly talented video crew in Nashville , TN to develop a series of brand videos for IGA that help them tell their story in a powerful way.

  • We redesigned, reimagined, and rebuilt IGA’s website from the ground up. Now, they don’t just have a new brand. They have a robust website that matches their look and feel, and can help them drive growth and reach their goals as a business.


IGA isn’t your average insurance agency. We learned that right away. They’re fun, gritty, and they take care of their clients and employees like no other business in the state of TN.

But all of those amazing truths about IGA weren’t being experienced in their messaging, their visual identity, or in their brand expression as a whole.

Visual Identity

Bold colors brought their brand attributes to life, while a modern, professional typeface brought balance to the grittiness of their brand.

Brand Promise

Taking Care of Business™

We discovered that what made IGA’s brand unique is also what makes their business a desirable place to work.

All of IGA’s clients and customers kept saying the same thing about working with IGA – that they simply take care of business in every aspect. This gave us a really clear and compelling idea for a tagline/brand promise that’s true to who they already are, but could also help IGA scale, grow, and achieve its goals for the long haul.

“Ya’ll are going to make me cry. You guys absolutely crushed this. Like, my expectations have been blown away. I can’t wait for the world to see this brand.”

Jamie, CEO
Insurance Group of America

Brand Values

For B2B brands, values are what attract top talent. Formalizing their values will keep their team anchored to their brand’s mission, and help them to keep adding new faces to their crew.


Media with purpose.

At Forrest, nicely designed assets and creative media are not artwork that sit on a shelf. We make sure that whatever we build is always tied to a strategic outcome. At IGA, they grow by hiring talented young people and molding them into amazing team members. We art came up with the narrative and art direction for this video that IGA is now using to get more talented people on their team. The video itself is pretty badass too!

Video production & editing by Nathan Morgan Photo | Nashville TN

Special thanks

Shout out to the humans on our team who made it all happen.

Jonny Pendergrass

Art direction & brand strategy

Nathan Morgan

Video production & editing

Lindsay Laidlaw

Web dev & maintenance

Drew Myers

Production design

Nate Netti

Content & marketing strategy

Sara VanWinkle

Storytelling & content strategy

Brandon Triola

Brand strategy & messaging

Jamie & the IGA team

World class clients

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